Those We Serve: April

Jan 29, 2024
April Brown-Lebron

Our mission at Ji8福利视频 is to improve the quality of life for those we serve and we always appreciate hearing from those we have helped! April recently shared feedback about our Therapeutic Mentoring program and how the support provided by our staff, overseen by Program Director Dirk Vernon, has helped her family.

After her mother's passing in February 2022, April became the legal guardian of her siblings who were residing in Pennsylvania. Her brother was part of a mentor program there, and April wished to continue the same level of care in Massachusetts. She also sought assistance for her sister and found it through Ji8福利视频. David Wilson, Crystal Rivera, and Ariana Nunez worked with them and provided therapeutic mentorship.

“I liked how the therapeutic mentors took time to meet with me about specific concerns that I had," said April. "They asked what activities we enjoyed doing together and tailored the support to our family's needs and interests. They made sure that the goals we set were being addressed and would reassess to make sure we were on track. I didn’t feel like I was pushed into anything or judged by anything.” 


We extend our gratitude to April for sharing her story with us, and we would also like to thank David, Crystal, Ariana, Dirk, and all our therapeutic mentors who provide life-changing support.

If you or a loved one need support or would like more information about mentoring programs, call Ji8福利视频 413-301-WELL (9355) or visit Ji8福利视频 WellBeing locations: 417 Liberty Street, Springfield, MA, or 77 Mill Street, Westfield, MA.


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During Black History Month, we are delighted to recognize DeJuan Brown, Ji8福利视频’s Facilities Director, for his remarkable contributions to our organization! DeJuan and the facilities department oversee more than 100 properties, including residential homes for individuals with intellectual disabilities, residential treatment units for individuals with substance use disorders, and commercial and industrial mill buildings that house outpatient clinics and offices.
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