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Public funding and grants allow us to do the critical work we do for those in our programs and community supports. However, these resources are not enough to address the rising mental health and recovery needs in our community.

Your donation will help us to continue to provide appropriate and timely services to those most in need. We welcome donations of any amount that will help us realize our goal of creating a brighter future for the Ji8福利视频, families and individuals we serve.

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Ashley's Story

Ashley entered BHN's Carlson Recovery Center detox program in April 2017, determined to get clean after 25 failed attempts. Supported by the program and staff, Ashley moved into long-term recovery. “I was treated with dignity, respect, and compassion,” she says. "I wasn’t greater or less than anybody else.”

After stabilization at BHN's Northern Hope Center program, Ashley and her son lived at My Sister's House residential recovery home for six months. Ashley is now back at BHN working as an intake supervisor, helping others enter recovery treatment. She believes that recovery is always possible, no matter how many times it takes. “We don’t give up before the miracle happens,” she says. 

"If it wasn’t for BHN's programs and my interactions with their loving, caring, and compassionate staff, I’m not sure where I would have ended up. I’m grateful for this organization and grateful I landed here... this ended up being the most beautiful thing not only for my career but also for my personal recovery journey."

Ashley, BHN Intake Supervisor & BHN Substance Use Program Graduate 

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You Can Help Support Our Staff

BHN established the Katherine B. Wilson Staff Excellence Fund to support the career and professional development of the organization’s workforce and assist in achieving Social Justice objectives.

Your donation will help BHN address a variety of staff professional development opportunities. The fund will provide support for scholarship funds and forgivable loans for staff to further their education at local colleges, along with licensure support.

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Learn about the impact of BHN's Staff Excellence Fund.

“I attended Westfield State’s certificate program for substance use treatment with support from BHN. I gained confidence I never had, even while working in the field for over eight years. I plan to continue my career at BHN and continue my education to obtain my Bachelor’s Degree. This possibility was far-fetched from my reality before I became an employee at BHN, and for this, I will be  forever indebted and grateful.”

Drake, Counselor/Case Manager

"I was drawn to the behavioral health field and enjoy my current job because I love helping others! The Staff Excellence Fund is helping me complete my Community College degree program. My goal is to become an RN and to continue to grow through the agency!"

Yachira, Staff Supervisor, Integration

"I enjoy working at BHN, because my job allows me to help people get well. I'm able to help some of the most vulnerable people in society who are trying to reclaim their life. The forgivable loan that I received from the Staff Excellence Fund helped me focus on my education and not worry about the financial part of the program. This continuing education allows me to do my job more effectively. My goal is to continue working at BHN. I love the success stories and seeing clients complete their treatment"

Valrie, Counselor

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