Employee Spotlight: DeJuan Brown, Facilities Director

Feb 01, 2024

During Black History Month, we are delighted to recognize DeJuan Brown, Ji8福利视频’s Facilities Director, for his remarkable contributions to our organization! DeJuan and the facilities department oversee more than 100 properties, including residential homes for individuals with intellectual disabilities, residential treatment units for individuals with substance use disorders, and commercial and industrial mill buildings that house outpatient clinics and offices.

DeJuan's background is rooted in community-based organizations and grassroots nonprofits focused on youth development and gang violence. In 2016, DeJuan became interested in construction work and became a union carpenter by trade. After joining the Carpenters Union, he worked at MGM Springfield in the Facilities Department as a technician, then was promoted to supervisor, and eventually became a senior manager at MGM International, where he aided in the building and redevelopment of other casino properties.

In August 2021, DeJuan joined Ji8福利视频, attracted by the agency’s commitment to providing opportunities and resources for marginalized communities. “My wife Chelan and I share a lot of the same passion and drive,” he says. Chelan currently manages Ji8福利视频’s Social Justice Department and provides leadership around issues of Equity and Social Justice for marginalized staff and persons served.

Mental health issues affect everybody across all spectrums and all social classes. Having a strong appreciation for this, DeJuan has sought to create facilities where clients are comfortable staying regardless of their background. "I want to make sure the facilities are indicative of healing,” he says. “They should honor people and their diversity and integrity as human beings. These facilities should look how we would want our house to look. The same expectation we have for ourselves, we should have for those we serve.”

In his first year at Ji8福利视频, DeJuan familiarized himself with Ji8福利视频's values and standards and incorporated them into his plans. Continuing his mission and passion for helping marginalized people, DeJuan and the facilities team hosted a facilities vendor fair and networking event for diverse local contractors to help broaden Ji8福利视频’s vendor pool for upcoming projects. DeJuan reports that there have been many significant new partnerships as a result, “We’ve been able to successfully grow minority businesses as it pertains to construction – four minority contractors have been successful (working with us) and the number is growing.”

DeJuan also worked to diversify his department to make it reflective of the population Ji8福利视频 serves, understanding that diverse thinking and backgrounds are important to the success of the mission of the Facilities Department.

Last year in addition to DeJuan’s efforts around diversity, his significant accomplishment was bringing many of Ji8福利视频's properties up to the organization's standards of care. This year, he plans to focus on ensuring that all residential and other crucial Ji8福利视频 properties have the infrastructure they need, such as generators, to keep power running reliably, especially for people who are dependent on machines. He will also work with leadership to create a capital improvement budget to address upkeep and cosmetics to handle repairs and adjustments.

In addition, DeJuan will also be working to revamp the work order structure with new software that can identify timelines for requested projects, such as repairing toilets and fixing holes, or windows. This software will assist DeJuan in his goals to continue developing the facilities team, by creating opportunities for training, cross-training, and filling in gaps.

When reflecting on his most important priorities around working with marginalized individuals this year DeJuan said he wants to host a capacity-building event and continue partnering with diverse contractors to create synergy. "I want to give them best practices to help them be successful on large-scale projects.”

Thank you, DeJuan, for bringing your vision, passion, and skills to Ji8福利视频; we are grateful for all you have done and continue to do for our Ji8福利视频 and the broader community. 


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